The Dance Ensemble Renaissance


The dance ensemble RENAISSANCE, founded and manged by the association REVE ET DANSE, gathers joung boys and girls aged from 5 to 25 years around traditional armenian dances. They rehearse at least twice a week by Silva Mélikyan their artistic director who developed her impressing skills while progressing to and performing as soloist and choreographer .

Local activities

The dance ensemble RENAISSANCE not only helps its members to maintain a link with their roots by perpetuating the art of traditional Armenian dance but supports also their integration into the host country. Their respective rich culture builds a solid foundation to the development of a deep relationship between France and Armenia. Both would benefit from knowing each other better.

More activities

Beyond the exchange with local partners the dance ensemble RENAISSANCE is seriously committed to create intercultural relationships with different associations of France or abroad in order to share artistic techniques, pleasures and celebrations.

Thus not only the repertoire of RENAISSANCE is enriched with dances of other cultures like the Bulgarian, Russian, Greek, Israelien, Georgien, Italien and others. But moreover its members travel to other regions or countries showing their capacities and at the same time extending leur knowledge of other cultures on the spot.