March 2019: Participation in the show of NAIRI in Lyon

The ensemble RENAISSANCE was lucky to travel and stay 2 days in Lyon in order to participate in a show organised by the dance ensemble NAIRI. The members of RENAISSANCE were glad to discover not only a new city but also a new dance ensemble. Through this trip they met some new people and more professional dancers. The members of the dance ensemble NAIRI welcomed RENAISSANCE with open arms and the latter are very thankful for their warm and cordial hospitality. During the show the dancers made new friends and took into account the useful advices they were given by the members of NAIRI.

The day after the show the ensemble could visite the city and go to the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière. Thanks to the support of the NAIRI‘s director RENAISSANCE spent a wonderful time collecting a lot of new impressions. The danse ensemble RENAISSANCE came back with happy memories but also taking the opportunity for personal growth.

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